Kickstarter spotlight: Zooka and Sound Cover

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Two of the first new tablet related projects on Kickstarter in 2012 are both speaker related, offering different solutions to the problem of getting better sound output from iPads. First off you have the Zooka, which is a Bluetooth speaker shaped like a rubber tube that slips onto the edge of an iPad 2. Its advantage over other speakers is that it snaps onto the iPad itself and leaves it as much a one piece design as before, just with a giant tube on one side. Looks perfect for all those situations where you want better sound but not the hassle of external speakers being awkwardly hooked up with a cable. $89 is the amount you have to shell out to support the project and get one when it launches.

The second speaker solution integrates what looks to be a flat panel speaker into an iPad cover. I have an external speaker that uses the flat panel design, and it’s a nice technology that makes a lot of sense incorporated into something like this. While the $110 version with a cable connection looks a bit awkward when hooked up, the $165 wireless version is much cleaner. Spending that much on a speaker that is even more device tied than the Zooka might not be the best investment, but it’s a very nice looking and space saving speaker solution.

External speakers come in all shapes and sizes these days, but both of these are clever designs that are worthy of a place in this world. They both have $25,000 funding goals, but with one Bluetooth speaker reaching a whopping $939,000 on Kickstarter previously there’s definitely a market for audio products like these. Project videos for both projects after the break.

[Zooka | Sound Cover]



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