Leaked Windows Phone 8 video shows Skype, Windows 8 integration, and more


Oddly, we haven't been hearing rumors about Android 5.0 or iOS 6 yet; today, though, a Windows Phone 8 internal video leaked, revealing a lot of information about the next iteration of Microsoft's mobile operating system. And let me tell you something right now: it's pretty awesome stuff.

First off, Microsoft will finally be making some much-needed improvements on the hardware side. With WP8, multicore processors, removable microSD cards, and four new resolutions will be introduced. Also seeing an introduction will be NFC technology, which will allow for not only wireless payments, but also the sharing of information between desktop, laptop, and tablet devices.

Speaking of that integration with laptops and other devices, Windows Phone 8 will be very similar to Windows 8. Not only will WP8 look like Windows 8, but it will also share a bunch of the core components of Windows 8's code so that developers just have to tweak a few things to have their apps run on both operating systems.

Skype will also play a major role in WP8, as Microsoft purchased the video-calling company back in May of last year. Because of the acquisition, Microsoft is going to bake Skype directly into the Windows Phone 8, meaning that Skype calls won't really be much different than a typical cell phone call. 

However, the final thing that was leaked today is what I think is the most important and will help Windows Phone skyrocket in terms of marketshare: BitLocker encryption. This technology is already included on the Enterprise and Ultimate versions of Windows 7, and it will be making its mobile appearance here. 128-bit encryption is very secure, so WP8 should be a no-brainer purchase for businesses looking to upgrade from RIM's offerings.

Unfortunately, the video that was leaked isn't on the internet at the time of this writing. But I still think Windows Phone 8 is going to be huge, and that Microsoft's competitors are going to have a bit of a tough time competing against some of these additions. Thoughts, anyone?

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One thought on “Leaked Windows Phone 8 video shows Skype, Windows 8 integration, and more

  • Competition is good. I hope it all works out. I also hope that Microsoft can pull their head out of their butt when it comes to announcing/leaking info about their latest/greatest new thing that is going to come out in a year and a half. One thing they can definitely learn from Apple is tell us about an awesome product that you have now, not something your awesome engineers will be delivering in the future.


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