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Lionfish ver 1.2 kernel available for rooted HTC EVO 4G

Lionfish kernel

Many rooted HTC EVO 4G users are fans of custom kernels. One of the best ones for the latest round of updates to the EVO 4G is lithid-cm's Freedom kernel.

Most Freedom users were quite sad when lithid-cm moved on to a new phone and ceased updates for this awesome kernel. Some turned to ChopSuey, while others turned to PoonSense – but none of these kernels were updated for months. 

Until a few weeks ago when detcup4evr strolled along and busted open Freedom's source code, that is. His new iteration of Freedom, titled Lionfish, has already received a few updates and it looks he's committed to bringing more and more features to the aging (yet still amazing) OG EVO. 

Just like with Freedom, there are undervolted versions of the kernel available too: Stock (which does not undervolt), Less (which undervolts by 50mV), More (which undervolts by 100mV), and Aggressive (which undervolts by 150mV). Be careful when undervolting: it can save a lot of battery life, but some EVOs love it and others hate it. 

New features since the last release of Freedom include:

  • Added Swap Support, SmartAss2 governor, Tiny RCU
  • Enabled audio volume tweaks
  • Changed the scheduler to SIO
  • Added 2-way call recording and 10-point multi-touch

Make sure you wipe your Cache and Dalvik Cache while flashing this kernel. Also, it probably wouldn't be a bad idea to make a quick Nandroid backup while you are at it (especially for the undervolted kernels).

Download: Stock | Less | More | Aggressive | Forum thread

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