Minecraft Pocket Edition for Android updated to 0.2

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Since the first version of Minecraft for Android and iOS came out, I’ve started playing the PC version, and seen how much is missing in the Pocket Edition. Mojang (the developer) is working on closing the gap though, and version 0.2 adds a few new features, including survival mode. Or at least what constitutes survival mode in this version. On the PC;, survival mode starts you off with absolutely nothing, forcing you to start off by digging up dirt with your hands and eventually working your way up to mansions and whatnot, all the while fighting hunger, a myriad of mobs, developing better tools and so on. The Pocket Edition survival mode gives you unlimited access to all but a handful of the mobile version’s limited block selection, no hunger system, and just a couple of mobs that might annoy you ever so slightly at night.

In a nutshell, Minecraft Pocket Edition 0.2 lives up to its app version. What I originally thought was a way for PC players to do some Minecrafting on mobile is actually better suited for people who never touched the PC version, as the latter is simply so much more advanced that it’s like going from LEGO Technic to Duplo. I’m not sure the price of $7 is justified with the way the app is now, and at this rate it will be a while before we see the true version of Minecraft on mobile.

As for the iOS version… I don’t know, it’s probably stuck in review or something. What else is new.

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