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MIUI v4 ICS for the HTC EVO 4G nearing beta

Photo from / Nexus S ICS piece as there are no 4G MIUI pics out yetFor fans of MIUI, a Chinese-developed iOS-inspired ROM, it's about to be a very good day. The team announced that they now have boot on MIUI v4 (based on Google's Ice Cream Sandwich source) for the HTC EVO 4G, with working camera, Bluetooth, WiFi, etc.

Along with duplicating the EVO 4G function set and interface MIUI users have enjoyed, MIUI v4 should be bringing a host of ICS enhancements to the table.

While there was no mention of 4G support, we can sort of assume that there will be none until at least such time as it's worked out by ICS porters or released by HTC, and perhaps not even then if history has been any indication.

While some of you can't live without 4G, for Sprint users who were sold on it, most still don't have access to it and will not due to the planned discontinuation of 4G/WiMax. MIUI built up a very strong 3G-only EVO 4G following in the past without 4G, and seemed to wear it as a badge of pride that they weren't able to incorporate it.

[MIUI Twitter]
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