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Various mods available for HTC EVO 3D’s 2.17.651.5 OTA update

Evo3d-sprint-Support-1723Every time a new over-the-air update is released, developers have to start over with the mods that they made for the last update. Luckily, EVO 3D owner mwalt2 has gone through and ported some of the most basic modifications to the latest version 2.17.651.5 OTA update

To flash any of these tweaks, you must be running a deodexed version of the latest update on your rooted EVO 3D; smoley has a good base ROM called Molecule.

The files below are flashable .zips.

Roam Only Option

This mod will most definitely do two things. First, it's going to give you a lot better signal. Second, it's going to murder your battery.

If you like to have strong signal and don't care about much else, this might be good for you.


Sprint Hotspot Unlocked


This mod unlocks the 3G side of the Sprint Hotspot. Just go into the app and fire up a wireless network.

This mod is great because you don't have to pay $29.99 a month if you only tether occasionally – but make sure you don't get caught!


Advanced Power Menu


This mod brings a lot more options at your fingertips when you hold the power button. This makes it easy to turn Mobile Network on and off if you are following the battery tips we posted yesterday.


HDR and Panorama for Camera


The HTC EVO 3D camera (erm, cameras) is pretty good. But it never hurts to make it better! Impress your iPhone-touting friends by HDR-ing your photos, and blow them away when you take a panoramic picture (sans the extra app).


Remove USB Debugging Icon


Most ROMs have USB debugging always enabled. This is great for developers who are constantly using ADB to add new features, but if they forget to turn off the USB debugging icon, it can get annoying for the end user.

This mod will remove that persistant icon (not the one shown above, that's for a USB connection).


MMS Modifications and Mirror App


Sense 3.0 is pretty cool because it has a bunch of features hidden in the MMS.apk. These include tools to back up your texts and have a "secure box" for those not-so-public texts.

A not-so-cool feature of EVOs is that they compress the hell out of pictures in picture messages. A mod has also been included to increase the size limit of picture messages (send Sprint friends 5MB pictures, AT&T friends 1MB pictures).

This mod requires that you wipe all/user data for it to work. MyBackup Root is a great tool for backing up app data, calls, texts, etc.

The Mirror app is also included in this, so you can check yourself before you wreck yourself.


Status Bar Tweaks


A lot can be done with the notification pulldown. For instance, that stupid GPS icon that is always there – you can remove that. Ever get pissed that your EVO is lying about how good your coverage is when you're in a 1X area? That can be fixed. What about adding more options in Quick Settings? Check.

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