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More details emerge on HTC’s 2012 strategy


Just a short while after releasing a less-than-stellar earnings report for Q4 2011, HTC announced exactly what they're planning on doing to keep their products fresh and exciting. Namely, HTC is starting a brand new Studio Division that will report to CEO Peter Chou and be in charge of designing fewer, but better, consumer devices.

Previously, we knew that HTC wanted to change their device strategy, but we didn't know they'd be reorganizing on such a large scale to help accomplish this. Hopefully, this new division will also bring in some new blood that will be able to spice things up a bit.

Some focuses for 2012 for the Studio Division will inclue better battery life and improved build quality as 4G LTE technology becomes more prevalent. This should be music to the ears of HTC EVO owners, who have often complained of being tethered to their chargers and, in some extreme cases, have suffered from loose charger ports or light bleed.

I, for one, am excited to see what HTC has up its sleeves, as it seems like they're gearing up for what just might be one of their best years yet.

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4 thoughts on “More details emerge on HTC’s 2012 strategy

  • Both my 3d and 4G have had light bleed and horrendous battery life. The battery issue is primarily because my phones are constantly searching for a signal on sprints crap network but my 4G had stronger radios then the 3d. As I said earlier I love HTC but I’m not a slave to any device or manufacturer and the galaxy nexus or galaxy s 3 will be my next phone. It’s just time for a change.

  • Quite contrary…my 3D battery life is awesome…
    I’m waiting for my next EVO (water-resistant?)
    I love HTC.

  • Avatar of biker1

    I’ve made the switch to the Samsung Epic 4G Touch a while ago from the Evo 4G, and haven’t looked back.
    I wasnt not locked into HTC then, or Samsung now.
    I’ll see which device comes out next, that will entice me to upgrade.
    A lot will depend on this LTE Network, as to whether it gets up and running, or if it’ll be DOA, as was and is 4G.
    I just started receiving a good 4G signal a couple
    of months back. 4G was non existent on my Evo 4G, and I began to get a decent signal on my Samsung. Don’t know if it was Coincidence

  • So they are basically saying that battery life was not really a “primary” focus before. That’s nice to know. Glad to see that manufacturers are hopefully beginning to realize that no one cares about having a phone that’s 7mm thin but what we care about is having a phone with great battery life.

    The Evo 4G is 13mm thick and I would gladly keep the exact same measurements if it meant my phone would come with a 3500mah battery! Motorola has already proven that it’s possible with the Razor MAXX.

    And sprint can kiss my butt. I’m jumping ship as soon as the price on the galaxy note drops a bit from $299 for new users. Had the Evo 4G just shy of 2 years and never once have been able to use the 4G WiMax even though we pay for it every month. AT&T has already deployed LTE in my city so I’m as good as gone – and not even the half-azz $100 offer will keep me around.


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