Photoshop Touch comes to iOS, $9.99 worth of thumbnail editor

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Adobe has released Photoshop Touch for the iPad, an app that is basically a tablet friendly version of the popular image editing software. Or perhaps “similarly named” is a better description than “stripped down version of”, as this is not Photoshop as much as yet another tablet photo editing app. Adobe is trying to make money off its name, as is succeeding. That’s not to say the app doesn’t have some nice features though, such as layers and a variety of selection tools, but considering what the last two years of iPad app releases have brought us in the photo editing department, I almost didn’t bother writing a story about this.

It seems to be the trend that famous software names release mobile apps that are less useful than cheaper, mobile-only solutions, and that is also the case here. Perhaps the most ridiculous aspect of this app is its 1600 x 1600 pixel image resolution limitation, which is a joke. Between the ability to import from digital cameras and people having iPhone 4Ses alongside their iPads, outputting that kind of resolution is a joke. I thought it was for compatibility’s sake at first, but the app isn’t even compatible with the iPad 1. Even if it was, the 2.5 megapixels that 1600 x 1600 is only 1/3 of what Filterstorm Pro can do on the iPad 1, and it has just as many features as Adobe’s app. On the iPad 2, Filterstorm Pro handles up to 22 megapixel images. Ten times what the world’s biggest image editing software company managed to get its app to do, a year later.

So, my advice is quite clear: stay away. Adobe may be the big gun when it comes to PC image editing software, but what they’ve essentially released here is a thumbnail editor.



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