Poweramp music player updated to 2.0

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Poweramp is my favorite music player on Android, and it’s Bryan’s favorite too. I like the look of PlayerPro better, but Poweramp’s equalizer is worth the compromise. The popular app has now been updated to version 2.0,and the update brings with it a lot of…well, updates. My favorite part of the update is notification control on Android 3.0+, meaning that on tablets you now get a small icon in the notification bar that pops up playback controls when tapped, allowing you to control the player from anywhere in the OS without exiting whatever app you’re in. You can see this particular feature in the bottom right corner of the image above.

The update also includes various bug fixes, some translations, and other features. This isn’t a revolutionary update and I do have to tilt my head a bit at giving it the big 2.0, but new features are new features. If you have an Android device and haven’t tried the app yet, I suggest installing the free trial, which is also where all the actual app code is – the paid version is just an unlocker that goes with the trial app.

[Android Market]

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