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Privacy Protector helps with privacy issues on unrooted phones

3fDE6fYPELRDWBABBj6zI8zcuReuWJB6iC-mWuIMx1D3HjyneW4il1suopOfjx2AHJU[1]One of the things that really grinds some HTC EVO and other phone users' gears is an app that requires permissions it either doesn't need or shouldn't have.

Some popular apps have recently started asking for permissions there's no reason they would need, but what are you to do if you're a user of the app and do not want it to have your information?

Until now, the answer wasto either delete the app, or root your phone, install Pdroid, and turn off individual application's accesses. That wouldn't work for unrooted phones, however, and it's kind of a pain to get set up.

That's where Privacy Protector comes in.

It works by monitoring your list of running programs, and if one you do not trust is running, it simply disables internet or location services so even if something does have access to data you don't want it to have, it can't send it out or know where you're at.

While malicious programs could still potentially get around that, this at least stops the majority of apps that just don't need your info from sending it back to a data mining company.


One thing to remember in general, though: not all applications that require too much access are malicious in intent. Some are just the result of the developer including a library that potentially requires those permissions.

Still, with your information becoming currency these days, take no chances. And if you don't trust Privacy Protector, you can do what it does manually, and disable data and location access yourself when you're running an app you don't trust.

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