Research firm claims iOS apps crash more than Android apps

If I were to ask someone on the street which of the top two mobile operating systems suffers from crashes more often, I am certain that most of them would say Android. Even as an Android fan, I must admit that just from my general use I get the feeling that Android applications are more crash prone that their iOS counterparts. However, according to app monitoring company Crittercism, that is not the case.

Through data collected from over 200 million application launches on both platforms, the firm found that about two thirds of the crashes reported came from iOS devices. This data may be skewed by the fact that the company tested more iOS than Android devices, but the much more balanced quartile data comported with the previous findings.

According to the quartile data, iOS apps in the first quartile crashed 0.51% of the time to Android's 0.15%, and those in the second quarter crashed 1.47% of the time to Android's 0.73%. There is still one caviat, which is that this data is not new enough to account for much Android 4.0 app performance. Oddly, the worst performing Android version so far was 2.3 Gingerbread, which could suggest that the changes in 4.0 would also cause crashes. In my limited experience, though, Ice Cream Sandwich has seemed much more stable than previous versions.

Realistically, this data has no effect on how we use our smartphones, and will probably not change anyone's mind about a purchase. Still, false perceptions about Android instability (and iOS's reliability) seem to have been at least partly exposed. This is by no means conclusive, but it is interesting, and perhaps it will serve to quell some of the baseless flame wars between mobile users.

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Aaron Orquia

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