RIM offering free PlayBooks for porting Android apps to PlayBook OS

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While HP was realistic enough to see the webOS failure coming and swandive off the cliff of its own accord, RIM’s handling of the failing BlackBerry PlayBook sales is more like being pushed off the cliff, then hanging on by the hands, then one hand, then one finger. The PlayBook has seen fire sales, overall price drops, and promises of Android app compatibility to try to make the apparently large stocks of devices go away. People simply aren’t interested, and part of the reason is apps. Even now that Android apps can be ported to the Playbook with just a few clicks, developers are nowhere to be seen for RIM.

To combat this issue, RIM is now offering free Playbooks to developers who port their apps from Android. No word on exactly what kind of app qualifies, causing a fair share of people to start scheming for free PlayBooks by submitting useless apps. Hopefully there is some truth to this award system though so that developers of actually useful apps will be able to take advantage of it. As nice an offer as this is though, the fact that RIM has to go this far to get people to submit apps for the PlayBook pretty much speaks for itself. The PlayBook is dead, no doubt about it, it just remains for RIM to discover that.

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