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ROM Picks: InfectedROM Eternity for HTC EVO 3D

2012-02-22_21-47-03InfectedROM Eternity (RLS_1.5) is a CDMA Sense 3.0 or 3.5 ROM (you can choose whichever you want) for the HTC EVO 3D that puts most other ROMs I have tried to absolute shame.

I can't believe how snappy and fast this thing is. Quadrant scores start at just under 3000, and while I don't usually endorse these scores as a valid test of how a phone is performing, compared to the 2200-2600 of my previous ROM in its stock configuration, I'm going to buy that as a valid comparison.

You can get InfectedROM Eternity in a Sense 3.0 variant with everything working, or if you don't care about 4G/WiMAX and want a few additional features, you can go with the Sense 3.5 version.

What I first noticed about this ROM is it appears to throw popups at you. I think some of my initial impressions of speed simply had to do with how the menus pop out. It just looks fast.

Highlights include Leedroid tweaks, Beats by Dre/XE Beats, a DSP manager, unlocked hotspot, CRT on/off animations, panorama camera, transparent drawers, and other features. One of my favorites so far is the Leedroid tweak to wake up the phone using a different button (I'm using the camera button to wake), or more than one button. 

2012-02-23_00-02-51  2012-02-23_00-03-14

The ROM has a couple of issues I've run across so far, and these are both surmountable. The first issue is that the built-in Swype has to be forced out using terminal emulator and Titanium Backup to put in a decent beta version (once you go Swype beta, you don't go back to stock).

The second is that the wallpaper is kind of embarrassing.While I'm not a prude, the default wallpaper is simply not safe for work. Additionally there are built in backgrounds elsewhere (such as displayed in the themed Leedroid tweaks) that I don't know how to remove the scantily clad swimsuit model from behind the options. I mean, it's a good picture and all, but it adds little and means you're not going to access the tweaks configuration section while in any business environment.

As opposed to having wallpapers images, it appears the devs changed the default HTC ones in the ROM. Not insurmountable, as mentioned, but just a little not safe for work.

After my initial install and discovery of a 3000 Quadrant score, I decided I was going to see what I could do with this ROM. So I flashed a different kernel, overclocked, set dual CPU, did all my normal tweaks, ran Quadrant again, and came in at a staggering 1300. The more I tweaked to increase speed, the slower it got. I'm not sure if what I am doing does not work with this ROM or if my tweaks were not taking, but it runs like a bat out of hell right out of the box.

Actually, it's probably the scantily clad bikini models. Less wind resistance. Speeds up the Quadrant runs.

I've also run across another bit of oddness with this ROM, but it's only happened once. Sitting on the charger,the phone beeped, and then the main screen was untouchable. I did a couple of tests and was able to determine there was nothing wrong with the screen (I locked it and then moved the lock ring all around). I finally realized it was a setting in Leedroid tweaks called "Screen On." How it turned itself to off I do not know.

As with all ROM endeavors, I encourage you to make a Nandroid backup before flashing this ROM. I did it from Fastboot/using a computer on HBOOT 1.5 S-ON/HTC unlocked. Instructions for said method are at the links below.

Links: InfectedROM Sense 3.0 | InfectedROM Sense 3.5

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