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ROM Picks: Stock Nocturnal Edition for HTC EVO 4G [Update 2/29]


Stock-based ROMs are based directly off of the latest OTA update that HTC provides for their phones, and I personally love them. In HTC EVO 4G land, the last OTA update spawned a handful of these ROMs. They're are all based off of Sense 1.0 and Android 2.3.5, and because of their origins, everything works!

So today we're going to look at Team Nocturnal's latest stock-based ROM: EVO 4G Stock Nocturnal Edition. Gruesomewolf is the mastermind behind this project and has said that the build has three simple goals: "stability, performance, and a stock Feel." Outside of the modifications listed below, he notes that the ROM is "completely stock."

Keep reading for the thorough rundown and some sweet add-ons!

Here are the goods:

  • Based off of the 4.67.651.3 OTA Update from HTC
  • Hotspot Hacked
  • Advanced Power Menu and CRT Animations
  • Volume Rocker Mod (to change tracks via long-pressing the volume keys when the screen is off)
  • Quick Settings/Recent Apps, true data displayed, and no GPS icon (in status bar)
  • Right dock button remapped to LaunchKey (open LaunchKey and map the right button to any app)
  • Max Browser tabs extended to 7 (was 4)
  • MMS Compression mod added (won't compress MMS)
  • Native Screenshot enabled
  • Wireless-N fix w/stock kernel
  • Custom wallpapers and boot animation
  • /data/app enabled, Bash/Nano support and signature verification disabled


No ROM would truly be complete without some add-ons, and Stock Nocturnal Edition doesn't disappoint.

First is a modification that will remove the Volume Rocker Mod (that changes tracks) and will allow the users to "wake up" (i.e., turn the screen on) their EVO 4G by pressing the volume keys. This also removes Recent Apps from the notification pulldown. Flash this .zip if you like waking your screen with the volume keys.

Volume Key Wake and Recent App Removal

The next add-on is actually a theme. Gruesomewolf said he wanted to "offer up both a themed and non-themed build." This themed build is essentially the base ROM we have been discussing with an ICS-like theme, as shown in the screenshots below. It's definitely a good choice for the more adventurous.

ICSish Themed EVO 4G Stock Nocturnal Edition (this is a full ROM)

2012-01-30_23-13-33 2012-01-30_23-13-54

As you can see, this ROM has pretty much everything a user could want from a custom ROM: lots of hacks, a great developer, and some add-ons too. It may not be the flashiest choice out there, but if you are a new root user or are looking for something simple, EVO 4G Stock Nocturnal Edition is definitely a solid ROM choice. 

Download | Forum thread

For those following this ROM, an update was released a few days ago (around Feb. 27, 2012). Here is the changelog (this is only for the ICSish version):

  • Fixed battery status in settings 
  • Fixed all other minor visual bugs I could find 
  • Added Roam Only Mod (Thanks Mr.Gregg) 
  • Added Slide to Clear Notification (Thanks ca1ne for original coding for stock rom) 
  • Opted all pngs inside all .apks using apk-opt (as I have already stated I did not nor am I going to remove any language packs from this build) 
  • Optimized all my .jar files by clearing out un-needed coding
  • Added some init.d scripting for speed and overall performance redid build.prop for speed and performance (force GUI rendering, force launcher in memory, various other things. The list could go on and on) 
  • Disabled Scrolling Cache (thanks AndroidON) 
  • Other things Im sure Im forgetting. 

Follow the Forum thread link above to grab the update.

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