Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 finally starts hitting stores

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A couple of days ago I stopped by a local electronics store here in Norway, and surprisingly the Galaxy Tab 7.7 was one of few tablets on display. It was only a dummy, and lacked a price tag, but the tablet is now popping up all over the place online as well, both in Europe and other parts of the world (but not the US). The 7.7 is basically the premium version of the Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus that I have myself, sporting a slightly larger, higher resolution 800 x 1280 pixel Super AMOLED+ display instead of the 7.0 PLus’ 600 x 1024 LCD display. Even with the bigger screen, the 7.7 is actually 5 grams lighter than the already featherweight 7.0 Plus, and only 7.9mm thick. The chipset is the same Exynos one from Samsung itself, but with a higher 1.4GHz clockspeed for the two cores.

The 7.7 is a beast and one of the most interesting tablets out there right now, being a more interesting tablet to me personally than the Transformer Prime. This does however come at a price,: here in Norway, the 16GB 3G version is priced about the same as the Transformer Prime with dock. By the time it makes it to the US, carriers will no doubt glue expensive contracts to the 3G version, but I’d guess that even the WiFi version will come in at $500. If so, that makes it almost a Kindle Fire more expensive than the 7.0 Plus’ current $350 price tag. Super AMOLED+ is an awesome display, and the resolution makes that even more true, but (again, assuming my  $500 guess is correct) $150 is a steep price to pay for it.

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Andreas Ødegård

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