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Slide 2 Wake makes its way to rooted HTC EVO 3Ds as Ponury Gesture Mod

Slide, it's electricBack in November, we talked about the Slide 2 Wake kernel that had been developed and was available for GSM versions of the HTC EVO 3D. You may remember that this unique kernel mod allowed you to wake your EVO 3D up, and put it to sleep, simply by swiping your fingers over the general area of the capacitive buttons.

This is now available for any EVO 3D ROM in the form of an app called Ponury Gesture Mod (free in the Market), although you may have to look to find a kernel that is compatible with it. So far, I've found that it only seems to work with the Anthrax Shooter Sense Test 06 kernel on CDMA, but I have not had a ton of time to play with it and can not recommend a good GSM kernel.

I found initially when sliding to lock or wake that I would hit and trigger the search, but after a few tries and sliding slightly above the EVO's capacitive buttons, I no longer trigger anything.

Ponury Gesture Mod is an amazing app/tool for those who use a case with bad power button access (me with my extended battery) or those just looking for a new way to wake their rooted EVO 3Ds.

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