So, Crux, where’s the LOADED case?

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The Asus Transformer series is seeing massive success, so the idea of a case that does something similar for the iPad is always welcome. The Crux LOADED is – was – that case, being touted last June as a “coming this fall”-product that combined a case, Bluetooth keyboard, extra battery….and trackpad. As I pointed out back then, it seems very unlikely that anyone can make a trackpad for the iPad. It simple has no interfaces for anything like that, it’s not designed for it at all. Still, there are a few ways that the product description could still be somewhat true, and maybe they knew something we didn’t.

Well, last June was 8 months ago. “Fall” was at least 4 months ago. So, Crux, where is this thing? It still lists as “in development”, and they seem to have no problem taking pre-orders. Seems like my predictions were right and that this is either a simple scam or someone who thought they could do something that can’t be done.

Even if the Crux LOADED will likely never see the light of day, I think the design itself has merit. The ClamCase is another similar type of case, it just lacks that external battery. While a trackpad is fantasy, I’d really like to see someone pair this type of keyboard case with an external battery pack, and maybe even something else – like speakers or a camera connection kit for USB and SD connectivity. A lot of product ideas never make it to market, but few accessories have been as interesting (in my opinion)as the Crux LOADED, which is why I’m bringing it up after all this time.

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Andreas Ødegård

Andreas Ødegård is more interested in aftermarket (and user created) software and hardware than chasing the latest gadgets. His day job as a teacher keeps him interested in education tech and takes up most of his time.

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3 thoughts on “So, Crux, where’s the LOADED case?

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    I was also interested in the crux LOADED case, so I emailed them, and they said…
    “Thank you for your interest in CruxCase and our products!

    The CruxLOADED is still in development and we have not had an exact release date as of yet. It is ahead of its time and we are waiting on Apple to allow for a native cursor on their iOS prior to releasing the case. We will be updating our website as well as sending email blasts as we receive more detailed information about its release. If you would like to be added to our mailing list for the CruxLOADED to receive updates please let us know!”

    I’m skeptical about this because they are accepting payments……

    • Interesting…seems like they thought something would come in iOS 5 that didn’t come. And I doubt it ever will on iOS, at leats unless Apple decides to do the transformer thing itself. But yeah, they’re accepting payments, so that doesn’t exactly show the company in the best light. Crux has also tried to use kickstarter as a pre-order system for one of its cases – which is a horrible thing to do for an established company as Kickstarter is for funding projects that otherwise wouldn’t exist, not act as a pre-order system for established companies looking for free PR

  • I am a corporate user and would kill for a trackpad/keyboard/cover (a la Surface) for the iPad. While there is no need for it in native iPad applications, when I remotely access my desktop PC using my iPad (using Citrix, for example), I desparately need the trackpad, mouse buttons, and keyboard to utilize legacy applications like Excel and PowerPoint. I know I’m in the 10-15% of users who need this capability, but it sure would go a long way to solidifying the iPad’s ubiquity in my company. Without it, the Surface or a convertible laptop become our most likely choices.


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