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Sprint is trialing early upgrade program for select customers


In case you're one of the many customers who are enraged by Sprint's decision last year to kill the Premier Program (and early upgrades, along with it), you may be pleased to find out that Sprint might be attempting to rebuild some of the bridges it burned. According to a leaked internal document, Sprint is getting ready to trial a new early upgrade program that will allow select customers to get a reduced upgrade price in as early as nine months after signing a new contract.

The new "Upgrade Now" program works by essentially allowing customers to buy their way out of their contracts in order to subsequently receive the discounted price on a new handset. Customers who are 9-11 months into their contract will have to pay a $165 early upgrade fee, 12-14 months is $125, 15-17 months is $95, and 18-21 months is $55. Once a customer reaches 22 months, standard "New For You" pricing goes into effect, including the recently-raised $36 upgrade fee.

Please keep in mind several things about this program: since this is a trial, only select Sprint customers are eligible, so don't be surprised if you are denied. Additionally, this is valid in Sprint-owned stores only, so don't be surprised if customer service or the shady cell phone kiosk in your local mall has no idea what you're talking about.

But be sure to let us know if you're lucky enough to be eligible for this trial, and which shiny new HTC EVO you plan on getting. And even if you don't or can't participate, do you think this program is a good idea, or are there ways Sprint can improve it? Sound off below.

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