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Sprint might owe LightSquared $65 million

Money-sprint-logoA couple days ago, we reported that the FCC had finally explicitly banned LightSquared from building out its proposed 4G LTE network due to likely interference with GPS satellites. There's still time to file appeals of this ruling with the FCC, but for all intents and purposes, it looks like LightSquared's plans are officially dead.

But there could be some kind of silver lining for LightSquared – it will probably get a check for $65 million from Sprint. Granted, this is money that LightSquared already handed over to Sprint several months ago as part of Sprint's initial 15-year agreement with the troubled company. But the way things are looking now, I'd say it's safe to bet that it will get its money back.

What are your thoughts on what seems to be Sprint's failed dealings with LightSquared? Do the folks at Sprint have what it takes to fully build out LTE on their own? Did they already learn their lesson with Clearwire about relying too much on another company?

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