Twelve South’s HoverBar accessory lets you mount your iPad to your screen

Twelve South is well known for making (somewhat expensive) accessories for Apple devices. Accessories that look like they’re from Apple, to be specific, the company’s new accessory is the HoverBar, a flexible arm designed to hold an iPad around the side of a Mac or anywhere else that the mounting bracket fits. This isn’t exactly revolutionary, and I was (and still am) tempted to just throw away this article and list all the Kickstarter projects and other flexible mounts that come to mind instead, but for the sake of being a Lemming I won’t.

The main use anyone would have for this is to mount it somewhere to use it as a hovering display for something. Facetime, watching video, glancing at incoming Tweets or something like that. The app that comes immediately to mind is Xdisplay, Splashtop’s app that extends your computer’s desktop to the iPad screen – extends, not clones, to clarify the difference to the normal Splashtop version. I can see plenty of uses for a laptop on a table with the screen extended to an iPad that hovers next to it. Then again, I’m perhaps more addicted to multi-screen setups that most.

One thing is certain, this accessory looks nice, not that a flexible arm can look that different from another. The $80 price tag is normal for a Twelve South accessory, but on the plus side that hopefully means that this thing has been tested to such an extent that it doesn’t fall off whatever it’s mounted to. Between the weight of the iPad and the length of the arm, I certainly wouldn’t trust a holder like this to something that looks too much like a bargain.

[Twelve South]

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