With an Ultrabook, traveling with my iPad finally makes sense

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As a frequent road warrior, my iPad always presented me with a huge dilemma. If I traveled with it, I had to still lug along my laptop in order to get some real no-compromise work done. This really added a lot of bulk to my laptop bag and gave me a shoulder ache after a couple of hours, usually by the time I board my flight. But if I left it at home . . . well, let’s just say that’s never an option. There is simply no comparison when it comes to using Apple’s tablet for media or reading in bed or in the bathroom. It also allows me to quickly check in on my internet life while at a coffee shop or anywhere I have some time to kill.

That’s where the Acer Aspire S3 Ultrabook comes in. Weighing approximately 3 pounds and measuring only half an inch thick, the S3 is a great traveling companion because its sleek profile and rapid powering on give me the full functionality of a desktop while still allowing me the luxury of carrying my iPad when I’m on the road. It also let me make the switch from a Sony Vaio laptop, which was delightful on a desk, but not so hot on my shoulder.

Now I am able to enjoy a comprehensive mobile experience with a built-in full keyboard and Microsoft Office functionality in a metal entombed laptop while still using my iPad and iPhone for their respective purposes.

The best part is that I make no compromises. I no longer experience MacBook Air envy when I see my hipster friends effortlessly whip out their sleek and shiny ultra slim notebooks because I now have the PC equivalent without having to give up my preferred OS.


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The Ultrabook’s rapid power on is a real blessing when I am getting ready to present to investors or advertising partners. Gone are the days of having to fill 5 minutes of dead time while Windows and my laptop did their thing. Now I have my PowerPoint up and running by the time my colleagues have comfortably settled into their seats. Powering down and up from sleep is even quicker, and this is my default mode of powering down after my initial meeting.

The screen resolution is not as high as it could be for the 13-inch screen, but my usage is work related and not media consumption so it’s not a deal-breaker by any means. For media purposes I use my iPad, propped gently on my belly while I’m reclined on a sofa or in bed.

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In short, I am just a keyboard and Windows user when it comes down to getting any real work done, but I cannot be without my iPad for my non-work computing needs. Intel and its PC Ultrabook partners are giving me the option of having it all and taking it with me, which is truly the start of something great.

[Acer Aspire S3 | Intel Ultrabooks]

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