Amazon’s Appstore turns one today, celebrates with app sales and Kindle Fire giveaway


It certainly doesn't seem like it has been this long, but Amazon's Appstore for Android has been around for almost one year. The Appstore's exact birthday is on the 21st of this month, but in the week preceding that date Amazon is attempting to increase the hype over their store by offering various apps at discounted prices.

The sale will include some of Amazon's top selling apps like Wolfram Alpha and Plants vs. Zombies, so there should be something for everyone. Other apps in the sale include some fairly popular titles like Splashtop, Fruit Ninja, AccuWeather Platinum, and PAC-MAN. This isn't a complete list however, as Amazon will be putting more apps on sale every day. For example, today only Plants vs. Zombies has been discounted, but tomorrow two apps will be discounted, on Saturday three, and so on until the 21st. 

Along with the sale, Amazon also revealed some interesting numbers about the Appstore's performance in the past year. They are quite vague with actual sales, only claiming "millions of apps and games" downloaded, but they do taunt the 7.7 million minutes users spent on the test drive feature of the store and 31,000 available apps. Also, they claim that a user who download every single free app of the day would have saved $1,000 by not having to buy the apps.

Even if you aren't interested in the apps, Amazon is also giving away eight Kindle Fires to users who sign up for the sweepstakes by the end of the month. Although the Fire isn't really an Android tablet, it does offer a lot of functionality at is price, and you can't go wrong with free.

I'm personally not a fan of having multiple app stores to manage my purchases, but Amazon probably has the most complete store next to Google. They have done a good job and produced a quality product, I'm just not so sure that having two mainstream app markets on one platform is such a good idea. Still, there's nothing wrong with cheap stuff, so hit up the source link to check out Amazon's official birthday page.

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