Apple pushes iOS 5.1 by making it an app update requirement

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While the iPad 3 isn’t coming until next week, iOS 5 and a range of updates and new apps came today. With the updates and new apps however, Apple is also pushing for the update to iOS 5.1 which came today. Why? It’s how the company normally does things, and I doubt it has any root in any technical differences – as the Find My iPhone app seems to be able to include a high res iPad 3 app without requiring the new OS.

The reason I’m posting this is that we’ve gotten into jailbreaking iPads on this site a lot lately, after the iPad 2 was jailbroken in January. Bryan is currently working his way through 60 iPads that needs to be jailbroken for a school, and since iOS 5.1 hasn’t been jailbroken yet, you have to choose between keeping your jailbreak and getting the new apps and updates. No iOS 5.1, no iPhoto either.

I can’t really fault Apple for not considering the jailbreak market, but I thought it was worth letting you people know about this bump in the jailbreak road. As for the overflow of Apple news today, I’ve been desperately trying to find something not-Apple all day, with no luck. When Apple holds a keynote, every other tech company on Earth goes into standby mode.

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