AT&T offering Sony Tablet P and Xperia Play for just $300 with two contracts


Sony's Tablet P is getting quite a bit of press time lately. Just today, one of the members of Pocketables' own forum released a quick-'n'-easy rooting guide for the dual-screen tablet. That guide, by the way, has been pretty darn popular. 

But now, the rootable Tablet P is even more affordable, all thanks to AT&T. The company is offering up a tablet for just $300, but this is the best part: the bundle also includes an Xperia Play! In exchange for a few hundred bucks, you get a great pocketable tablet and a fantastic game-playing phone. 

Unfortunately, everything that's good in life seems to have catches, and AT&T's deal is no exception. To get the $300 tablet/phone combo, you'll have to dish out extra money for not one, but two data plans. There's no way to just have one plan for one of your devices and then tether the other device while still keeping the price; likewise, terminating your contract with one device will automatically make the deal moot. 

Still, if you were planning on getting a data plan for your phone and your tablet, this is an amazing deal. Hit up the AT&T link below to check out the deal; afterwards, let us know if you took advantage of it!

[AT&T via Android Community]
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