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Black Shapes boot animation available for HTC EVO 3D

Bootanim_dub[1]Every now and then a boot animation comes along that catches my eye and makes me say "oooooh."

Black Shapes boot animation by binux-project ranks right up there with past greats such as DanceDroid,the ICS boot animation, and Team Kang's magical unicorn boot animation. And as you can see at right, it brings a bit of awesomeness with it as well.

It's available in three flashable versions for rooted CDMA and GSM HTC EVO 3Ds. There are also two downloadable versions for those of you who prefer to use a different method to install it (such as unrooted users who can use ADB or a market program to change boot animations).

This cool boot animation reminds me quite a bit of the style of advertisements for the Sci-Fi channel when it was Sci-Fi and not Syfi. I may have to reboot my EVO 3D more often just to see it.

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19 thoughts on “Black Shapes boot animation available for HTC EVO 3D

  • click the xda link, download it as a non-flashable zip.. install using ADB or boot animation program

  • I have had this on my GSM EVO 3D since it was posted to xda. Its Great! I also have his boot splash and downanimation.

  • Avatar of Bill Mitchell

    Cool, now I may reboot my phone just for the hell of it.

  • Thank you very much. Hopefully I can understand it enough to change the boot animation.

  • Avatar of Graham 722

    Silly question, but as a root user, where do I unzip the file? Thanks.

  • Avatar of Graham 722

    Never mind. I remembered how to flash a .zip. But there’s no audio on the animation. Do you have to have a ROM with beats audio?

  • nope, there is no audio – you can put your own boot audio next to it.

  • Avatar of Graham 722

    You sure, Paul? Per the xda post:

    “please keep in mind that this animation comes with sound – It fits nearly perfect, but due to the fact that the ROMs can’t display the whole animation with always 25fps at first startup, it’s possible that it doesn’t fit all the time (depends on the ROM).”

  • well crap, pulled the zip apart and there it is “android_audio.mp3” – doesn’t play on mine either…

    /system/customize is where the files are located.. now to figure out why it doesn’t play… I guess dependent on ROM the “android_audio.mp3” might be named differently….

  • Not having any luck getting this one to take. Rooted evo 3d hboot 1.5 running infected rom. Any pointers? I’d love to have it. Tried the flashable zip and renaming it sprint boot animation yada yada yada.

  • Avatar of binux-project

    Hi guys I just came across this post and thought I need to answer some questions.
    So drewby infected rom is really making problems, because Virus just uses another way (scriptfile) to initalize the bootanimations. I already sent him a pm, but this can take some time.

    For those who have no sound:

    “So some people encontered a problem with sound. But the Animation really profits from its sound. So having no sound can have two reasons:

    1. Your ROM has a different organization and the “android_audio.mp3” file should be somewhere else than in “system/customize/resource” (nearly impossible to fit every ROM out there –> it’s the stock location) – in this case you have to ask in the specific ROM thread for further help.

    2.You Evo had been in silent mode when you shut it down. In this case just turn up volume again and reboot.”(Taken from XDA)

    I just updated my XDA-Post. If you still have issues feel free to pm me.

    Have good day.

  • Avatar of WKuan725

    I think I found a solution for the audio for stock rooted. I’m actually quite terrible when it comes to this rooting/programming stuff.. but I managed to put 2 and 2 together and miraculously worked it out. I’ll try my best to explain.

    Under /System/Customize/CID, there is a file called “default.xml”. If you open it up, towards the bottom of the document, there’s a line that includes ”

    If it helps anyway, I used TextEdit on the mac, I guess wordpad would work on windows machines??

  • Awesome binux thanks for the heads up.


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