BlackBerry announces PlayBook keyboard case

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It’s hard to get a read on Blackberry – every time you think the company has given up on the PlayBook, something new pops up to refute that thought. The 2.0 software update came out a month ago, and now a new keyboard accessory is set to be released in a week. The “BlackBerry Mini Keyboard with Convertible Case” is a case with a built in keyboard and track pad, which should give your PlayBook some nice new features. The keyboard in itself looks really nice, and it’s not often you see high quality keyboards for 7-inch devices. Add a track pad to that, and the laptop experience is even more apparent. Or netbook experience, anyways – we’re talking about a 7-inch device here after all.

Personally I can’t wait to hear if this is universal enough to be used on other devices. If it uses standard Bluetooth profiles to connect, both the trackpad and keyboard should work on Android. Then there’s only the issue with it using the PlayBook charger to charge that needs solving before I can have one for my Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus. The keyboard isn’t cheap though, at $120 for the entire thing. I guess the logic does something like $70 keyboard, $50 case, free trackpad. I guess that makes sense, but with the sales price of the PlayBook, it does look a bit weird to pay almost as much for the keyboard as for the device itself.

[BlackBerry store via Pocketables]

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