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BlueStacks Beta-1 lets you run Android applications on your PC

XqOYr63Nuhny1IN-nqae-iIB8rMkXduD2q3sQh9lh-0-_HA0N0Pbw9opU4ACZdmnRKE[1]Have you ever been on the fence about installing an app from Google Play or third parties on your HTC EVO, or perhaps thought “hey, I dig this game but it’s too darn small to enjoy on my phone.” Well, BlueStacks has you covered as long as you’ve got a PC (don’t fret, Mac people; you’re being worked on as we speak).

Any app on your phone can be synchronized via BlueStack Cloud Connect to your PC and played within the BlueStack player. I’m hoping that the plan is to have app data synchronize in the future, but at the moment the PC and my EVO 3D seem to have the same applications but different device data.

I’ve played around with quite a few of the apps my EVO 3D has, and most work perfectly and look amazing. Some, such as Quadrant Standard, crash and a little notification that the app crashed pops up.

It’s not a game changer yet, but I have a feeling a lot of us will be working seamlessly between our phones and PCs fairly soon.

[BlueStacks via Android Police]
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