CM7 and MIUI for Dell Streak 5 released


I usually become sad when I think of the Dell Streak 5 and the potential it had before Dell canned it in August of last year. But to get back to my (usually) cheery self, I think about how amazing the developer community for the device is. Today just gives me an extra memory upon which to reflect when I get down.

CM7 (CyanogenMod 7) and MIUI (a popular iOS-esque ROM) have been ported to work with the Streak 5. Here are the directions on how to install CM7, but remember to back up your device before you attempt anything. 

  1. Download and flash stock 407. Read this guide by TheManii on how to flash.
  2. Download this and this and put them in your SD card
  3. Flash Streakmod by fastboot. Read the guide here.
  4. Without booting into the stock 407 ROM, go in to recovery mode (both volume keys pressed) and flash the two zip files you downloaded.
  5. While in recovery mode: Wipe user data, wipe user partition, wipe dalvik cache, fix permission. Reboot with both vol keys pressed.
  6. Do a factory Reset while booting up with vol keys pressed. 

Disclaimer: since I don't own a Streak 5, those instructions were copied from the original forum posting. 

Let us know if you plan to do this!

[xda-developers] Thanks, jokaman_03!

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10 thoughts on “CM7 and MIUI for Dell Streak 5 released

  • Avatar of JRDemaskus

    Besides the obvious questions like, has anybody done this? How is it?
    I have a Fundamental question. What exactly am I supposed to BACK UP?
    All of my storage is on my SD card. I would use a fresh one to do the whole installation,
    My contacts, in their most basic form are on my sim card.
    I run the Dell backup which saves my browser favorites, and my contacts in a more complete form. Also my text messages if I forget to erase them first. Not totally sure what else.
    And then there are my Google accounts and email etc…All on the cloud.
    I have heard of Nandroid, seems a little bit more than I am interested in doing, or even need, considering I have been to XDA.
    That all seems basic, if you are considering “Flashing a Rom” And is repeatedly stated.
    So… Am I missing something? Is there something else I should or have to backup?

  • >I have heard of Nandroid…
    Yes, u have to do a Nandroid backup.
    But you must be a little bit expert to do it.
    You can watch a video example here:

  • I have done it and it seems fine. I posted a thread about it in the forum. It is basically just the same as flashing any other cooked ROM.

    I did make a nandroid backup of my working GingerStreak setup JIC, but so far I’m liking CM7.

    Ultimately, it is a battery life deal now, but all the hardware works perfectly.

  • you do not NEED to backup anything.

    You SHOULD do a nandroid backup before switching ROMs, just so you have a quick way to revert back you a working ROM in case the new ROM doesn’t work out for you.

    Also, you could go into each individual app and have it back up its config and data, so when you reinstall, it is quicker to get where you want to be.

  • Is there a post-update battery-life report yet?

  • better question is why doesn’t calob not own a streak 5?

  • Wait so you actually have CM7 working on your Sell Streak 5?? Can you please post the link to the thread?

  • Hello,

    Thanks a lot to the autor for a great tutorial.
    So far I experience just one problem: I can’t hang up a call from touch screen.
    Is anybody experince that, and if so, how to resolve it?

    Best regards.


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