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D33P takes your 2D photos and turns them into 3D

d33pD33P takes your 2D photos and usually produces really decent 3D renditions of them. It works on any of the HTC EVO line producing red/cyan 3D, but on the EVO 3D it will produce full stereographic 3D images.

While it doesn't seem to work on all images (some will be distorted, some it picks the wrong thing to be in the background or forefront), it does a rather amazing job of determining 2D perspective and forcing it into a 3D photo.

D33P can connect to your Facebook to pull friend's images or those from a newsfeed. It asks for three FB permissions, but you can grant or deny it any of those should you not want it to have access to your data.

The app is free for up to three uses a day. If you want to use more than that, you'll have to purchase some credits (120 uses for $0.99) or the full app that runs $2.99 in Google Play.

QR for d33pI think D33P made a mistake in offering only three uses per day to entice people, mainly because out of three tries I only got one really decent 2D-3D conversion. It appears they used to offer 33 photos, but I imagine that's the extent of what the app's interest-life probably is.

It's fun to play with and quite useful if you have to convert those old zombie photos of you and your friends into 3D.

Links: Google Play (EVO) | Google Play (web)

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