Dell Streak 5 makes one heck of an iPhone with this MIUI theme

Do you like the look of Apple's iOS UI but don't want to give up your Dell Streak 5's 5-inch screen and all its real estate? If you do, then maybe you'll want to look at this MIUI theme, appropriately known as the Ultimate iPhone Theme.

As you can see, it runs very smoothly and rivals the performance of the iPhone itself. In fact, I'd almost rather use the Streak 5 and this theme versus the iPhone; I say almost because, unfortunately, everything's written in Korean and jethrostatic says that the English translation isn't perfect just yet. 

Hopefully it will be soon, though. This theme certainly breathes some life into our favorite phoneblet. Let us know if you get this rolling on your own Streak!

[YouTubeThanks, UnlockStreak!

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5 thoughts on “Dell Streak 5 makes one heck of an iPhone with this MIUI theme

  • Avatar of UnderDoc

    Yeah, right… make your Streak look stupid. Thanks but no, thanks.

  • Avatar of UnderDoc

    That’s what your mom said when I turned her down…

  • There are tons of themes for MIUI and I just picked the iPhone for the video because it is the most popular. Anyways, It is running Metal core theme now and its an eyecandy. One more thing, The ROM is already translated in English properly and it’s the best DS5 ROM I’ve ever used. I’m using it as a daily driver. MIUI is the shiznit. You gotta try it.

  • @underdoc, MIUI will always look like iOS and they are not hiding it. It’s the developer’s goal, To take iOS UI and bring to another level. Even the default UI does look like iOS. So stop drinking hate-orade so you can think clearly.


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