Developers hack AT&T Galaxy Note to run on T-Mobile HSPA+

Galaxy-note-t-mobile-speedtestAs you may have noticed from my rant yesterday, T-Mobile is both my favorite US carrier and the one I currently use for cell phone service. If you combine this with my natural affinity for the Samsung Galaxy Note phoneblet, then you will understand my disappointment when only an AT&T version was released in the US.

Of course, I could have gotten the international edition and used it unlocked on T-Mobile, but thanks to those over at XDA-Developers, I (and anyone else who wants to use the Note on T-Mobile) have another option. It turns out that the AT&T version of the Galaxy Note supports both T-Mobile's 3G and HSPA+ bands, and all it takes is a custom radio installation to get things unlocked and working. 

Naturally, you will have to root the device before you can complete this process. However, once you have done that the conversion is as simple as flashing a zip file of the modem through the ever helpful ClockworkMod Revocery.

There are probably still going to be some bugs, but what sets this tweak apart from others is that the person providing it has stripped out parts that were causing instability in past workarounds, resulting in a much more reliable and better working modification.

This still probably isn't for the faint of heart or those who need their phones to always be reliable, but if you have been wanting to get a Galaxy Note for use on T-Mobile and know a little about Android troubleshooting, you now have two device options instead of one. For me at least, this news is pushing me closer and closer to finally buying a Note for myself and using it on T-Mobile, especially since AT&T Galaxy Notes are slightly cheaper than the international hardware.

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Aaron Orquia

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