Gesture Control for rooted Android devices add iPad-esque touch gestures

I’ve expressed my feelings for the Honeycomb bar many times the past, including when I covered one way of dealing with it, Honeybar. Honeybar may just have been made obsolete though, by a new app called Gesture Control. This root-only app adds touch gesture control to your Honeycomb tablet (currently no ICS support, but it’s being worked on) that are very similar to multitouch gestures on the iPad, and one of those gestures is to show/hide that bloody status bar. The app supports both single touch and multi touch gestures, and also has gestures for the back button and home button.

Check out the video screencast for a quick demo, or head over to the Google Play store to download it. There’s a lite version and a paid version, but at only $2 for the paid version, I encourage people to buy it if the free version shows your device to work with the app at all. Tweaks like this is what makes Android great, and it’s nice to see that the OS has third party developers that can pick up the slack where Google’s own developers screwed something up. Then again, I’m sure Apple has a patent on it to stop it from ever being implemented directly into the OS.

[Google Play]

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