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If you are on the lookout for an extra layer of security for your Android tablet, then you might be interested in Kaspersky Tablet Security. It looks to be compatible with all versions of Android except for Honeycomb. Kasperky’s website says it is compatible with “Android v 1.6 – 2.3 and 4.0,” but some sites are saying it is compatible with all versions. It’s available in the Android Market now, and requires a $19.95 yearly subscription to use, or you can save $10 and get a two year subscription. You can get a week long free trial if you wanted to try it before committing to buy it for the next year.

Features include real time protection, smaller updates, application virus scanning, and free tech support. You will have the ability to remotely lock a missing tablet, erase personal data, or locate the tablet using GPS, GSM, or WiFi via Google Maps. There is also a feature to secretly activate the front camera of your tablet and take a picture of whoever is currently using it, and send it to yourself so you can see who has your tablet. All these features can be accessed from anywhere with a web based control center. If you don’t want to pay for a yearly subscription Kaspersky does have a free app you can use to do on-demand virus scans.

Kaspersky also released a couple of parental control for Android and Apple products. They are currently in beta, but aim to block certain websites from being visited on your tablet. This would help ensure your children don’t visit any sites you don’t want them to. The Android version allows you to select certain categories of sites to block, and the iOS version uses its own browser (SafeBrowser) to block potentially harmful content. If you are looking to beef up your tablet’s security, give Kaspersky a try.

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