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“Google Assistant” coming soon to take down Siri


Are you sick and tired of iPhone users bragging about Siri? Not really too impressed with alternatives, like Iris or Skyvi? Well, get ready for Google Assistant, which is Google's answer to Apple's soon-to-be short-lived victory, and it could be released as soon as Q4 2012.

According to some anonymous sources close to the Android team that's working on this, the project has three parts:

  • Get the world’s knowledge into a format a computer can understand.
  • Create a personalization layer — Experiments like Google +1 and Google+ are Google’s way of gathering data on precisely how people interact with content.
  • Build a mobile, voice-centered "Do engine" (‘Assistant’) that’s less about returning search results and more about accomplishing real-life goals.

Additionally, Google is reportedly planning on opening up this service to third-party developers, so they can better connect their apps with this new technology. More details are sparse, but this seems pretty awesome so far. After all, with all the data Google has on how we interact with stuff, and how we speak, they should be kings (or queens) in all voice-related areas.

Are you excited for some true competition to Siri?

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11 thoughts on ““Google Assistant” coming soon to take down Siri

  • Avatar of Robert542

    I hate to say it but get ready for the lawsuits from Crapple.

  • Personally, I think Siri is overhyped. Have you seen the Siri ads? How often do you see someone scoot off to the side away from others to issue commands to his phone like the actors do in the commercials? lol Only time I ever use this sorta thing is in my car, and mostly to dictate text replies while stopped at a light or initiate a call while driving.

  • Avatar of steve gaudreau

    ssshhhaaawwwiiinnnggg!!!!!! Go google go!!I’ve been bouncing back and forth with iris and skyvi. iris seems to be the better of the two in my opinion. what ever happened to edwin? that was cool at first.

  • Crapple is already suing samsung over the voice recognition software on the nexus which is just an improved version of what gingerbread already offers. I’m glad that Google is developing this but the oems will be the ones getting sued.

  • Actually haven’t heard from friends bragging about Siri. But what I do hate are the Siri commercials. The Road Trip one is not too annoying, but for some reason the Rock God ad just majorly gets on my nerves.

  • Avatar of Graham 722

    All my iphone friends think Siri is bloat, not good for anything but parlor tricks. I already use voice search more accurately. This is unnecessary.

  • I had Edwin way back. Speak2it assistant is the best in my opinion/ I have Iris too which is Siri spelled backwards

  • I agree, speak-to-it is the best currently on the market and they continuously do updates. I rarely have a use for it, but its nice for combating my iphone using friends.

  • Avatar of davidr521

    I highly doubt it.

    Apple uses Nuance, a company that’s been in business for over 20 years, to power it.

    If it’s anyone’s lawsuit, it’s theirs, not Apple’s.

  • I have a couple of Apple friends who think it’s the bomb, but most people just sort of moved on.

    voice search and EVI work for me so far. Add to that Dolphin Sonar for web stuff when I shake the thing and I’m a happy camper.

    Only thing left is to get voice search able to work better with the texting

  • Avatar of Android4Life

    Go Google! My personal belief is that Siri was pushed by Apple so bad because with it, the IPhone 4S would simply be nothing more than an overly hyped, incrementally-updated IPhone 4.

    Yes, those that do have and use siri will soon forgot how to do the simply stuff for yourself. siri is like your own personal concierge but it doesn’t replace your own resourcefulness or lack thereof in some cases.

    For the record, not picking on anyone here — purely an observation. =)

    Oh yes, for some quick laughs, I saw some clown last week walk right into a signal light pole using Siri. Ha! Tell Siri to remind you look up while “talking” to it. no youtube clip, though. XD


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