Google Play to be getting audiobooks and magazines

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In a surprise move last week, Google changed the name from Android Market to Google Play. Whether that was a good move or not is yet to be seen. After the change was made, it was discovered that Google plans on adding both audio books and magazines to its ever growing repertoire.

This was discovered after an unofficial Google news site called Google Operating System uncovered a couple of new pages on the site. Because of this unofficial process of discovery, it’s anyone’s guess as to when Google plans on releasing these two new genres to its store.

When you take these two pieces of news together it looks to me like Google is trying to take away the viewpoint that its Android Market was simply an appstore. A name change was definitely in order, and even though some people will automatically put the word “play” in line with games, for me the first thing that comes to mind is music and movies, or media in general. Google Play to me says media hub, which is exactly what I think Google wanted to portray with the name change. Now they are adding two new types of media to their store. I think Google is desperately trying to get away from the moniker that made it all its money, search giant, and move to more of an everything kind of company that is in line with the likes of Apple and Amazon. In the last week I see that they have made two steps in the right direction.


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