Grace Digital announces FireDock speaker dock for Kindle Fire

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A speaker dock announcement isn’t exactly ground breaking news, but at the same time, one that’s made for something besides the iPad and not by the original manufacturer is rather rare. It’s a measure of a tablet’s success as well when third parties start producing accessories like this specific to a device.

The FireDock is essentially a normal speaker system with the audio jack and USB connector locked in a configuration that matches the Kindle Fire, and a plastic piece to actually hold the Fire as well as allow it to rotate. The FireDock comes with a remote control, AC adapter, and AUX cable for connecting other devices (audio only). The dock will charge the Fire, but the remote control seems to be only for controlling speaker-side options like volume and bass. I’m not familiar with the Fire’s audio jack pinout but I doubt it even has the ability to be controlled that way. There’s also an optional battery pack available that allows the FireDock to live off battery power for up to 6 hours.

The dock will be available in the beginning of July for $130. By that time the Fire will be more outdated than it already is, and the price is almost as high as the Fire itself, which leads me to be somewhat unsure about this accessory’s success. Still though, I’m just glad that something besides the iPad is getting some accessory love.

[Grace Digital Audio via Engadget]

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One thought on “Grace Digital announces FireDock speaker dock for Kindle Fire

  • ReaderDock just launched the pre-order for the FireStation, a recharging dock with speakers for Kindle Fire. It’s $54.99 with free shipping. There’s also a Nook version.


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