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How to use ZipThemer to install MetaMorph themes on rooted HTC EVO

MetaMorph themes are very practical. A lot of HTC EVO 4G ROMs take advantage of them (e.g., Swagged Out Stock and The EVO Classic), but they are also ridiculously confusing for most people to use.

Today, I'm going to show you how to use an app called ZipThemer to make installing MetaMorph themes a million times easier. The video above goes over these steps one-by-one and should be supplemented with the written directions below.

First, find a MetaMorph theme. I will be using this file for demonstration purposes; it changes the right Sense dock icon from the typical "+" to a browser. This is compatible with all Sense 1.0 ROMs for the HTC EVO 4G and is highly recommended for those of you running ROMs that can remap the right button.

Now open ZipThemer (links at the bottom). The next step only needs to be done once and only if you are using ClockworkMod recovery or another recovery that requires edify scripting.

Hit Menu > Update Edify. At this screen, make sure you have the right model number for your phone. Next, tap "Browse" next to where it says "Select flashable file"to search for your ROM. 99% of the time, your ROM will have the information needed to get this to work.

After you select your ROM, hit "Configure" and you're done!

Now, to actually install the theme, tap "+Theme" at the top of ZipThemer. Then, navigate to the MetaMorph theme (mine was located in /download – the default save location). Then, just tap "Build It!" You will be asked if you would like to make an "Undo" .zip as well. This is always a great idea!

After this, use a file explorer to navigate to the root of your SD card and you will see two files: your "update" and your "undo." Now, either select the file and choose ROM Manager to flash the file or reboot into recovery and flash the file manually (here's a quick tutorial for the newbies).

Here's the before and after:

2012-03-02_10-30-12 2012-03-02_10-42-20

ZipThemer is a free download from the Android Market.


Links: Market (EVO) | Market (web)

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