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HTC EVO 4G gets EOL-ed … yet again


Sprint's latest EOL (end of life) list has been leaked, and the original black HTC EVO 4G appears on it yet again, this time with an EOL date in early April. If my memory serves me right, this is at least the fifth or sixth time the EVO 4G has appeared on this list.

So what's the deal with the OG EVO, and why is it still clinging on to life support?

The most likely answer is it's probably just not selling well, or at all. Sprint probably just has too much left over inventory (after all, it was the most successful smartphone ever on Sprint's network when it was first released, so they probably ordered too many handsets after the initial supplies were depleted). There are too many better options out there, such as the EVO 3D. Additionally, with WiMAX expansion basically dead, and the LTE rollout underway right now, most people probably just don't want to commit to a new two-year contract with an almost-two-year-old piece of equipment.

That's why Sprint, Amazon, and others don't even offer it online anymore, which still begs the question: where can one even buy the EOL-ed EVO anymore?

[Sprint Feed]
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16 thoughts on “HTC EVO 4G gets EOL-ed … yet again

  • My EVO has been my favorite phone ever, I am lost without my pocket brain! I thought about going to the 3D, but decided against it as the EVO 4G had the better camera and bigger screen- could care less about 3D pictures.

    I’m hoping they come out with a new EVO model soon that expands things a bit or I’m probably going to hold out for the new iPhone, especially if it is 4G/LTE compatible and has the larger display (rumored currently)

  • Avatar of Charles S

    The OG Evo 4G is gonna go down like the Razr did. People are going to still be using it in 10 years from when it came out, it was that good I think.

    I upgraded to the Evo 3D, and while I generally like the phone, I don’t feel as impressed with it as I did with the OG Evo. It wasn’t that much of a jump specs wise and barely even looks any different. Sure it’s a tad bit speedier, and does some 3D tricks, but otherwise I’m no longer enthralled.

    Here’s to hoping the newly to-be-named “Evo One X LTE” phone is going to blow some socks off. I’ve been an HTC fan for a while now with Android and other phones, but they have to step it up or a lot of people are going to get the Galaxy Nexus, as much as Samsung is not the kind of quality it should be. We’ll see.

  • Try Best Buy if you want a new OG EVO. Still in stores and online. Still running my original EVO with no regrets.

  • Avatar of jmagnt7

    Any thoughts as to what sprint would do if I make a insurance claim. . My launch day evolution is kinda on last leg. Blown speaker, headphone Jack (is kinda jacked) and pleanty of minor dings. I’m rooted and rockin cm7.2 so I do still really love my phone. I figure I’ll upgrade when next evolution comes out and just keep the original for a “evo touch” device. But I’d really like to replace it b4 then? Any thoughts?
    I really don’t want a refurbished one though.
    Thanks for any advice or thoughts on the matter

  • Avatar of jmagnt7

    Launch day evo * lol dam auto correct

  • If I can get one real cheap off contract, even though I have the original one still, I will buy another one. Just a handy mobile media device especially with all the roms and mods that keep coming.

  • Avatar of Idle Time

    I loved the Evo when I first got it, but lamented on its battery life. I rooted it 6 months ago and it was like having a new phone. Done and doing so many things with it, and the battery improved tremendously. Flashed Mikg 3.1 and now it sounds better than before.

    I can’t see how another phone can be much better, except a slightly bigger screen, lighter. As for speed… it would only matter if we have LTE to surf quickly. None of my apps require the phone to be speedier. In fact, I underclock a majority of them to save juice.

    I dunno, I can see myself staying with my Evo for another year. Something has to be really impressive to drag me away from it.

  • Avatar of Zachary Jacob Zblewski

    You get a refurb any time you make an insurance claim.

  • Not true about refurbished evo. If u go on, which is whyre u go to get a replacement device, u get an evo 3d. They discontinued the EVO 4G so now u get the 3d. Had mine in 24 hrs cuz i lost my og. Lol.

  • I carried a blackberry bold for 2 years. I’ve now, almost carried an OG EVO 4g(rooted) for 2 years (June) and to be perfectly honest, I’m being drawn towards the iphone4s. I want a smaller phone. I’ve carried my extended battery behemoth and now it’s time to shrink down and get a smaller phone and have my stuff synced with my ipad2. It’s been a good ride and I am NOT trading in my OG EVO4g, but will keep it as my desktop toy, like I’m doing with my wife’s old iphone3gs. In the end, I just want the phone to work and work well.

  • When I got my 3d replacement for the og I really thought I would root it but after I got it I really liked the way it worked and how Everything worked the way it should so i left it alone. It is getting an ics ota soon plus I really just can’t seem to find a good way to root the damn thing anyway lol. U might find urself surprised at how nice they r and how much better it will be once it finally gets the ics upgrade too.

  • Also u can buy a battery charger with 2 extra batteries 4 under $20 on really worth it cuz u never have to plug it in.

  • What does eol actually mean for support, replacement, etc?

  • End of Life (not selling or supporting it in the future and when contracts run out… cya)


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