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HTC EVO 4G gets EOL-ed … yet again


Sprint's latest EOL (end of life) list has been leaked, and the original black HTC EVO 4G appears on it yet again, this time with an EOL date in early April. If my memory serves me right, this is at least the fifth or sixth time the EVO 4G has appeared on this list.

So what's the deal with the OG EVO, and why is it still clinging on to life support?

The most likely answer is it's probably just not selling well, or at all. Sprint probably just has too much left over inventory (after all, it was the most successful smartphone ever on Sprint's network when it was first released, so they probably ordered too many handsets after the initial supplies were depleted). There are too many better options out there, such as the EVO 3D. Additionally, with WiMAX expansion basically dead, and the LTE rollout underway right now, most people probably just don't want to commit to a new two-year contract with an almost-two-year-old piece of equipment.

That's why Sprint, Amazon, and others don't even offer it online anymore, which still begs the question: where can one even buy the EOL-ed EVO anymore?

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