Huawei’s Ascend D Quad lives up to the hype, blasts Tegra 3 and Exynos in benchmarks


When Huawei claimed that their quad-core Ascend D Quad was the fastest smartphone available, I was hopeful, but also a bit skeptical. Huawei was, after all, only a budget manufacturer, and the Ascend D Quad is their first real high-end offering. Surprisingly enough, it looks like their claim may actually hold true at least concerning accelerated graphics, as two leaked images show the Quad XL variant of the Ascend series topping out the two different benchmarks.

The first benchmark, which you see above, is the standard Nenamark2 which tests a smartphone's GPU rendering power. As you can see, the Quad XL just edged out the yet unreleased Qualcomm S4/Adreno 225 and Tegra 3 packing Transformer Prime, with the best score on the chart. Samsung's Mali-400 GPU in the Galaxy SII also comes close, but everything else is about twice as slow as the Quad.

Also revealed were the Basemark ES 2.0 Taiji results, which you can find below the break. This benchmark measures GPU/CPU rendering like Nenamark, but displays results in megapixels per second. Here too the Quad XL excels, scoring much better than the Tegra 3. Samsung's Galaxy note with the Mali-400 actually makes a better showing here, coming in just shy of the Ascend, but still falls short by 1.5 megapixels a second.

As usual, these benchmarks are not definitive, but do give us a good idea as to how well the Ascend D Quad phones will perform in a technical sense. It still remains to be seen how good the user experience will actually be, but so far the Ascend series keeps looking better and better. Now, if we could just put it up against Intel's Medfield processor, then we'd have a real fight. 


[Android Community]
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