Kickstarter spotlight: Rails to iPad

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In the sea of tablet stands that all try to be unique by using the latest and greatest in plastic and metal tooling to create highly functional pieces, the Rails to iPad Kickstarter project stands out because it, well, isn’t. It’s in fact very low tech, made from a hundred year old train rails. The idea here is not to provide you with a tablet stand that has the functionality of R2D2, but instead to preserve history.

Personally I’ve always been one for the modern way of doing things and wouldn’t pay $99 for a piece of wood with some cut up rails nailed to it, but I do understand the people who would. The stands are quite nice looking to, a refreshing break from the Plastic Fantastic nature of today where aluminum is the best one can hope for in terms of non-plastic components.

The project is looking to raise $50000 to get some machinery to handle cutting and polishing the rails more efficiently than today, and they really need the help with a month to go. Video after the break.


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Andreas Ødegård

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