Kickstarter spotlight: SmartFuse Clips

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When the Smart Cover came out with the iPad 2, it became the go-to protective solution on the iPad. I personally love it, and have often wished for one for other devices. I’ve often thought it weird how the Smart Cover has been left alone as much as it has in terms of accessories though, with only the odd wooden replica or magnetic stylus to take advantage of it in other ways. The SnapFuse Clips Kickstarter project is all about doing something about that, offering something as simple as plastic clips for the Smart Cover.

The clips are designed to hold various things to the Smart Cover. There are two pen/stylus holders, a multipurpose clip, a headphone clip, and finally a plastic piece that snaps back onto the iPad when the Smart Cover is fully opened, keeping it in place instead of having it dangle freely. Aside from the tiny oopsie of encouraging people to attach a wipable-by-magnet credit card to a magnetic case, the project seems to have the right ideas. An iPad with a Smart Cover that can store some accessories is definitely a nice alternative to a bigger bag to keep everything in.

The project is looking for $15,000 and has 26 days to get there. The first 100 to pledge $10 will get a pack of all 5 clips for that price, while $15 will get you that no matter which number you are. Video after the break.


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