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LogMeIn Rescue might be pre-installed on the next HTC EVO

Log-me-inAs we learn more about what the next HTC EVO might be, LogMeIn has just announced a partnership with HTC that will see its Rescue software preinstalled on many HTC devices going forward. This means that technicians will be able to remotely take control of a malfunctioning device to, hopefully, provide better support.

To protect devices from malicious hackers, HTC and LogMeIn say that remote connections will only be available during active support calls. Once a technician connects to the device, he or she will be able to run remote diagnostics, push device and network configuration settings, and remotely control the device to resolve issues. Additionally, this service will be available anywhere in the world, as long as the device has an active data connection.

There is certainly enough time to include this in the next EVO, since we don't expect a release until June at the earliest. And if this service is free for the end user, it will certainly help HTC stand out even more.

What do you think? Does this potential feature add value, or is it more bloat that you'll try to uninstall as soon as you get your new phone?

[Android Police]
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13 thoughts on “LogMeIn Rescue might be pre-installed on the next HTC EVO

  • I am not too excited about it. I think the app would be pre-installed but you’ll have to pay a chunk to use it. I highly doubt they’ll give it for free. Right now its 30 bucks on the Market.

  • Do not have an issue of it being pre-installed if the user has the ability to remove if they want, and also no charge for use when getting manufacture support.

  • use it on one of the hospital projects I work on. Utterly useless for diagnosing radios, touch screen issues, battery issues, or any of the things that you actually might need a technician to look at.

    What logmein will allow is someone to call up and say “hey, I downloaded Big Boob Jiggle, and now I get an advertisement, uninstall that advertisement”

    I mean, it’s an ok product, but the *only* time it’s ever been used that I know of on my main rooting project was to help a nearly blind woman use a healthcare product. Any connectivity, batter, stability issues it is useless for.

  • Sounds like a pre-installed security hole.

  • Sounds like a big time spy tool to me.

  • Avatar of Stormprobe

    Is it really necessary to remote into someone’s phone for support?

  • Sounds like a backdoor that I’ll want to remove immediately. Besides, I’ll only buy a new phone that can be rooted, and would immediately root, thereby voiding my warranty anyway.

  • @Stormprobe, I agree, I don’t think its necessary. and I thought it was a general LogMeIn app, didn’t realized it was a ‘rescue’ app for carrier support. :/

  • Hmmmm this sounds really good….. as long as CarrierIQ is not the tech on the other end!

  • Avatar of steve gaudreau

    no thank you , major deal breaker!!!! if the new evo has it. i’ll stick with my E3D

  • OMG! The more I think of this it is really a deal breaker! I am holding my breath for Sprint to announce the Samsung Galaxy SIII, if not I will hang with the outdated EVO4G.

  • Avatar of POOP DOLLAR!!

    You guys need to learn to root your phones…


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