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MIUI v4 ICS port with full hardware acceleration now available for HTC EVO 4G

MuO21[1]For fans of MIUI, the ICS builds were not quite in prime time last we checked, but based off the hardware acceleration of Deck's pre-beta series of ICS ROMs (in which Chrome works) and a Nexus S 4G MIUI v4 ROM, MIUI users now have a much more functional ROM delivered by Brownmc77.

As with most MIUI ROMs, it does not contain any WiMAX/4G drivers (not that there are any for the EVO 4G on ICS yet) and since it's based on Deck's pre-beta 9 (which is a thing of beauty), we can assume the main camera works but is still a tad sketchy. The front facing camera and Netflix don't work either, but last I checked, Deck's base worked on everything else.

Darktremor's A2SD is not listed in the features, there is a screen that appears to indicate it's baked in and working for ext3 partitions, meaning you're no longer limited by the silly 512MB memory contstraints of the EVO's internal memory.

If you're unfamiliar with MIUI, grab a friend's iPhone and play with it for a minute; you'll get the gist. I'm still not a big fan, but when you slap ICS underneath it, it's like putting a jet engine in your EVO.

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