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NBT introduces Minecraft tablet selector

Play Minecraft on a PC? Then we have something for you. The video above shows the NBT Tablet Selector, which aims to help people select a suitable tablet – either an iPad or an Android tablet. Go through the hallway, answer the questions, and the best choice for you will be revealed.

In reality, this is just a toy, something fun for you all to do courtesy of NBT. While there’s some truth to what the machine tells you, 7 either/or questions aren’t enough to decide something like that. That’s what we’re here for though, and you can always use the comments, forums, or contact email to ask us for help in choosing a device.

If you want to try this machine for yourself, you need Minecraft for PC, which isn’t free. Download the .zip file by clicking here, grab the folder inside it, and place it in the “saves” folder in your Minecraft app data directory. To reset the machine, you have to exit Minecraft and repeat that procedure (overwrite the modified save with the original).

For those who are using the Pocket Edition of Minecraft, it’s not possible to use this machine. As I’ve written before, Minecraft Pocket Edition is still very limited compared to the full version, and very far away from having the redstone (“electricity”) system that makes this possible. The video should however give a brief demo of what the full version of the game can do, so perhaps users of the Pocket Edition can put some pressure on the developer to get the two versions on the same level.

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