NEC shows off Bluetooth ceiling light/speaker concept

I came across something pretty neat today. I know there are some smart houses that you can basically control everything in the house from a remote control. This usually takes a lot of planning in the building stage to get all the extras wired in properly. It would be fairly difficult to impossible to do all of that after the house is built. That’s where the beauty of wireless technology comes in.

NEC has created a concept of a pretty nice looking Bluetooth controlled light and speaker. As you can see in the video you connect your Android device to the light and can control it in many different ways. In the video they have a smartphone connected, but there is no reason you couldn’t connect a tablet to it. I would love to walk into my house and have the lights change and music play just by walking into the room. I’d take one for ever room in my house if the price was right! Sadly this is only a concept and who knows if or when it ever comes out on the market.

[Tom’s Guide]

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Bryan Faulkner

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