Nokia Lumia 800 update supposedly triples battery life, makes Windows Phone users giddy


Well, this isn't something you hear every day. According to both the folks at WPCentral and XDA-developers, Nokia Lumia 800 (sibling to the US Lumia 900) users in Singapore received a recent OS update has nearly tripled the device's battery life. If true, that would likely not only prove that software can make a big difference in battery life, but also set a new standard for both Windows Phone and Android smartphone battery life.

WPCentral provided some qualitative data with their triple battery life claim, which could just be interpreted as a symptom of poor base battery life. However, the good people of  XDA-developers provided a more quantified measurement that suggest otherwise. According to their information, the standby battery discharge has been reduced to about 80mA from 150m, which would suggest close to double the previous battery life. Again, I'm not sure what a good standby discharge score is, but this sounds fairly low to me. No one really knows how the improvement was achieved, but it is suspected that better management of screen brightness is a contributing factor.

Although this specific update only helps Lumia 800 owners, the changes do have the potential to impact all Windows Phone devices if the problem fixed turns out to be one with the core os. At the very least, anyone who has or plans on getting a Lumia 900 might also want to take a look at their available updates, but if this turns out to be a new Windows Phone 7 improvement, it could be quite a big deal. More likely than not this is just a fluke, but we can always hope for battery life double that which we enjoy today.

[WPCentral | XDA-Developers]
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4 thoughts on “Nokia Lumia 800 update supposedly triples battery life, makes Windows Phone users giddy

  • I get the same lousy battery life with 1600.2487.8107.12070 ; drain is still average 200 – 300 mA, as usual jumping between 100 and 400. Since the drain is not constant, I could claim an improvement if I wanted, for unfortunately in reality this is definitely not the case. And yes, I have most features turned off.

  • Assuming we are talking about 80mAh, even that is awful. A typical smarphone battery has a capacity around 1500mAh. With a 80mAh consumption you get a little less than 19 hours of stand-by time, assuming you discharge the battery completely. For comparison, my HTC Aria with Android 2.1 is specified with 15.5 DAYS of stand-by time. With my typical usage pattern I recharge it every other day and I turn my phone off a night. That means around 36 hours of mixed use between charges, including stand-by, talk time, reading ebooks and browsing the web and checking email few times a day with wi-fi on. I have no way to measure the actual current drawing, but using the battery capacity and the time between charges, the average would be about 42mAh.

    80mAh just for stand-by sounds a awful lot.

  • Just remembered the Aria has a 1200mAh battery (it is a tiny smart phone, by today’s standards!). The average consumption over 36 hours of use split in two chunks of 18 hours would then be a little over 33mAh. I do not run the battery to zero, by the way, I usually recharge once it gets below 25%.

  • HB, I would try resetting your phone under Settings -> About, that made a big difference for me. Paul, remember people are reading the 80mAH discharge from the Diagnostics app which means the screen is on, with the screen off the discharge would be a lot lower but of course we then can’t read the app to know what it is.


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