Official CM9 nightlies now available for TouchPad

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There comes a time in the life of rooted Android devices where the CyanogenMod team decides that it’s reached a certain level of maturity. When that happens, you can then download official nightly versions of CM9 for your device. By nightly, I mean that every day there are changes that developers are making to the ROM, and every night those changes are added into the main ROM. That newest version of the ROM is then made available for you to download.

Now I need to insert a word of warning here. Just as you never know what issues might pop up when you flash a custom ROM, the nightlies can be a little more buggy than normal. Since new code is added every day there isn’t always time to test it good enough to see if there are problems that arise. This is one of the things to be wary of if you want to have the newest version of CM9. My suggestion is a simple one. Always, always, always create a backup first. I can’t stress that enough. If you are flashing a nightly, do a backup, then flash the nightly. If any issues arise, just restore your backup and wait for the next nightly to be released to see if your issues have been fixed. Sometimes it might take a couple days to get any bugs ironed out, so be patient. I usually flash a new version about once a week, but if you wanted to do the newest one every single day you could.

Now the whole point of this post is to let you know that the CM team has just added the TouchPad to it’s list of devices that it provides nightlies for. For the last couple months Rootzwiki member eyeballer has been providing unofficial nightly versions of CM9. I’ve flashed quite a few of his versions and have to send him some mad props for his work. He has stated that he will continue to do his nightlies, at least for now. His versions will most likely differ a little from the official versions because he will add or remove things that he personally wants on his TouchPad. If you are interested in downloading the newest official nightly for your TouchPad hit the link below. You can find the log of what is being added to each nightly at this link.

[CyanogenMod CM9 TouchPad nightly]

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