OnLive Desktop hits Android

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OnLive Desktop is OnLive’s virtual PC system that allows you to connect to a OnLive-hosted Windows desktop from your tablet, giving you access to true Windows without having it locally or even on a PC you own and can remote control yourself. It’s been iPad-only since it launched, but as of today, it’s available for Android as well – with the same country restrictions as the original, meaning US and UK only (if I’m not mistaken). The service itself is available for free, but more advanced features cost from $5/month.

Releasing this on Android makes a lot of sense when you consider devices like the Transformer series. With a trackpad and keyboard in the keyboard attachment, the experience becomes even more like a computer on those devices than on normal tablets. It’s also nice to see that Android isn’t being forgotten by companies like OnLive, but after how the company’s game app got treated on iOS, it isn’t surprising.

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