Paper Monsters for iPad is an adorable Mario-like platformer

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When it comes to mobile gaming, the games that seem to have the most success go down very different routes when it comes to  graphics and gameplay than those that simple mimic consoles. Paper Monsters fits right in with the rest of them, bringing a unique graphics style to the iPad. Everything in the game looks like origami, folded paper, from the trees to the monsters. You play a paper character that fights his way through A-to-B type levels and fight enemies on the way, all the while collecting every button, paper clip and adventure tile on the way.

The game seems to be very inspired by Mario, which isn’t surprising seeing as the Mario series has pretty much become synonymous with platform games. Everything from the “jump on enemies”-gameplay to going down pipes and collecting coins buttons is very familiar, which isn’t a criticism, because it works. The simple controls makes the game easy to play on a touchscreen, while varying landscapes, monsters, and various power-ups keep it interesting.

Paper Monsters is a very typical game to find at the top of the iTunes app lists. It’s cheap ($1), looks great, and is that perfect balance of casual and a proper game to get an above average number of iOS users interested. There’s no Android version however, which is a let down, but unfortunately pretty typical. Either way, at only a dollar, the game is an excellent way to kill time, and I’m sure this is a game that will look wonderful when updated to the iPad 3’s resolution.


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Andreas Ødegård

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