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Reminder: Today is the last day to waive your activation fee and get an HTC EVO for a penny


In case you were planning on taking advantage of the latest Amazon Wireless sale, in which you can score an HTC EVO 3D or EVO Design 4G for only $0.01, you may want to finalize things today. While the penny sale is lasting for another week, until March 26, Amazon is only waiving the activation fee through today. That's an additional savings of $36, for those of you keeping track.

Additionally, all phone purchases through Amazon Wireless come with free two-day shipping and no sales tax in most areas. That makes this the best deal you can find for either smartphone – for the moment, at least.

Of course, even though the price is definitely right, I would only recommend making the plunge if you are in great WiMAX coverage and don't anticipate getting LTE anytime soon. Otherwise, I'd wait and see if these LTE EVO rumors pan out – you are signing a two-year contract, after all.

[Amazon Wireless]
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3 thoughts on “Reminder: Today is the last day to waive your activation fee and get an HTC EVO for a penny

  • Avatar of Bill Mitchell

    I bought a new Samsung Galaxy S II Epic 4G Touch using this. Love the phone. Giving my EVO 3D to my girlfriend. Just paid a penny. Amazing deal.

  • Avatar of Bill Mitchell

    In case anyone is interested the SGS2 is MUCH faster than the EVO 3D even though the specs are similar. If you want to mimic the resolution of the EVO 3D just download “LCD Resolution” from the Market and set it at 190. Looks just the same only better picture.

  • Avatar of Bill Mitchell

    I am hitting 4100 quadrant on my SGS2 running at 1.2 Ghz. Lord only knows once I overclock it.


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